Heated FreezPeaz ideal for a stiff neck

FreezPeaz william stiff neckWilliam woke one morning with a stiff and sore neck.  Luckily I had 2 FreezPeaz, one I keep in the freezer, the other in the cupboard that I can use to heat.  I heated up the pack in the microwave and the heat from the pack quickly eased the discomfort and William was able to move his neck freely after about 15 minutes.  CM, Northampton

advised by physio to use icepacks to heal a trapped nerve

icepack for trapped nerve“Peter has been using FreezPeaz since last Friday for a trapped nerve in his back and arm. He was advised by his physio to use ice packs to soothe and heal. He has used the pea pack on the affected areas and has had positive results, it does help with pain.

The product did the job, froze quickly, and stayed cold for at least 20 mins, and has helped Peter’s pain. Regards G”.

I asked mummy for the pretend peas to help me feel better

lacey ice pack“My hand was so sore after I tripped over my brother by accident.  I asked my mummy to get the bag of pretend peas to make me feel better”- Lacey

Soothed burn from hot water

burn icepackAfter burning my arm with hot water, FreezPeaz came to the rescue and soothed the burning straight away. M.E.

Sports Therapist loving the peas!

stuartAs a sports therapist I spend most days treating injuries whether they are sports related or otherwise.  Part of my aftercare advice involves a heat pad or an ice pack so I was pleased to try out FreezPeaz for myself.  I have to say I was impressed!  It’s not often you find a product like this that works for both hot and bold, but the heat from just a few seconds in the microwave is ideal for treating chronic pain, and after half and hour in the freezer it works great for reducing inflammation.  On top of the that, the strap is an excellent addition making it easy to keep the pad in place.  I can high recommend FreezPeaz”.  Stuart, Alchemy Therapy Centre, Stony Stratford

Dr. Hilary and Lorraine love our peapack

FreezPeaz_Lorraine2_feels_like_frozen_peazDr. Hilary and Lorraine talked about our FreezPeaz peapack/ice pack on Thursday morning!  Dr. Hilary explained how using FreezPeaz is so much better than using a slushy up bag of peas!  Ideal for any part of your body and can be used warm or cold.




Great icepack for a headbutt!

taryn freezpeaz‪#‎freezpeaz‬ is great for when your kid headbutts you in the eye”.-T.E

Reduced Swelling on Broken Hand

Taryn Broken hand ice pack“I have used FreezPeaz to bring down the swelling on my broken hand. It’s really comfortable to use and it works!”  T.S. Hertfordshire

Ice pack helped for football injury

Football injury icepackWhen my son came home limping from his football match, I immediately reached for the FreezPeaz ice pack! Mainly because I didn’t want to listen to him moaning about his leg all afternoon and it would have been used as an excuse not to move off the sofa all weekend! As a bonus, the FreezPeaz reduced the swelling and kept any bruising to a minimum.  L.G., London.

Cold pack calmed him down and prevented bruising

bang head ice packThe Freezpeaz were great when my son fell backwards and whacked his head on the table.  At lot of these types of cold packs aren’t appealing to all ages but FreezPeaz looks great.  My son was able to hold the icepack against his head for long enough to calm him down and he didn’t even get a bruise!  D. Zacks, Borehamwood.

Easy to heat and fast acting pain relief

Freezpeaz Neck BrendaAfter suffering from constant muscular pain in my neck, I tried the Freezpeaz pack.  It was so easy to heat in the microwave and I attached it to the painful area using the velcro strap allowing me to carry on with my day.  With such fast acting pain relief I have continued to use it on parts of my body and recommend it to anyone suffering from muscular pain.  Brenda, London.

I found FreezPeaz to be incredibly effective

“I have a chronic pain condition that affects the upper part of the body. I found FreezPeaz to be incredibly effective. The product is very malleable and has a strap which makes it easy to position on me. It is therefore much more comfortable than other heat and ice related products. It’s even more effective than my usual ice and heat packs. Consequently I use FreezPeaz all the time now to help my aches and pains and it has become a regular presence in my home. Many thanks for this product which I cannot recommend enough and will tell all my friends and family about it!” Mrs A. Casale-Behrman

FreezPeaz soothed the pain and reduced the swelling

freezpeaz cold therapyMy daughter trapped her fingers in the door, luckily the FreezPeaz was already in the freezer. It soothed the pain and reduced the swelling and pressing on the little green peas distracted her too! CJ, Bedfordshire

CJ, Bedfordshire

Perfect as part of my recovery and to reduce swelling

paddy millerLoving @freezpeaz.  Perfect as part of my recovery/reduce swelling after a poor tackle today. ‪#‎recovery ‪#‎frozenpeas  Paddy Miller, Farsley Celtic FC

Paddy Miller